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Simone Viani

Crafting Interfaces and Interactions


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My name is Simone Viani and I am an Interface Designer and Developer. I strongly believe in the craftsmanship of web design, where Creativity and Technology exploit each other to produce great user experiences. Teamwork, Problem-solving, Attention to detail, Decision making, Adaptability.


With more than 18 years of experience in both design and development of web applications and team leadership, I'm focused on performance, fluid interactions and responsive web design.
My mixed background of both technical and creative studies, helps me approach each phase of a project in a proactive way.

I occasionally give lectures on different subjects related to web design and development. You can find the slides (in Italian) I prepared for the Mobile User Interface Design course here, while my latest slides (also in Italian) on the importance of Perceived Performance can be found here.

You can find some of my thoughts on web design on Medium.

  • Designing Better UI
  • Designing Better Forms
  • Designing for Sustainability
  • AI Interaction Patterns

Current Job

I currently lead the Digital Platforms team in SDA Bocconi School of Management, where I both manage external suppliers and follow the creative aspects of the School's web-related entities, from the website to the interactive kiosks and monitors found in the premises of the School's Campus.
My daily activities might include:

  • + UX/UI Design
  • + fast prototyping in FIGMA or HTML
  • + project management
  • + video & photo production
  • + creative brainstorming
  • + interaction design
  • + coding js, css, html, svg


Working in the Digital Platforms team of SDA Bocconi I get a chance of designing and managing many different elements of the School's digital assets, from icons to landing pages, videos and photos.


  • client: Leadagious
  • product: Website
  • role: Developed in html and vanilla javascript the layout and interactions of the Brave Boys Club website

App Icon-set

  • client: SDA Bocconi
  • product: SDABLife
  • role: Designed the new icon-set for the iOS and Android App

Promo Video

  • client: SDA Bocconi
  • product: Promo Video
  • role: Shot and edited the promo video for the new campus

Program Cards

  • client: SDA Bocconi
  • product: Programs cards
  • role: Designed the new layout and interaction of the new program cards

In these past years I've had the pleasure to work for these amazing clients:

web app
Lavazzacorporate site
& product sites
Surface application

Take away

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When I'm not dealing with pixels I like to shoot pictures, and I am a proud contributor to the Unsplash community. I am a certified drone pilot.

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